In less than five months, IndusInd Bank’s shares rose 23%; is there still room for growth? As stated by brokerages

IndusInd Bank

In the dynamic landscape of the stock market, few stories captivate investors as much as the remarkable ascent of IndusInd Bank. Over the last five months, the stock has not just treaded upward; it has soared, registering an impressive 23% gain. The burning question on every investor’s mind is: Does this financial juggernaut still have room to climb? To answer this, we turn to the insights provided by reputable brokerages and delve into the bank’s financial performance.

Sustained Growth: A Five-Month Rally

Since September 2023, IndusInd Bank has charted an unprecedented course of success, boasting positive returns for five consecutive months, including the current month of January. Investors have witnessed a staggering 23% surge in the stock’s value between September and January. Moreover, the one-year trajectory showcases an astonishing 37% jump – a testament to the bank’s resilience and strategic prowess in navigating market challenges.

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Pinnacle Achieved: 52-Week High

On January 15, 2024, IndusInd Bank hit a milestone, reaching its 52-week high at ₹1,694.35. This pinnacle represents a monumental climb, exceeding 71% growth from its 52-week low of ₹990.25, recorded on February 1, 2023. Such a robust performance beckons the attention of seasoned investors and novices alike.

Financial Fortitude: Earnings and Quarterly Update

The bank’s financial report card for the September quarter underscores its commendable position in the market. IndusInd Bank reported a 22% YoY increase in standalone net profit, amounting to ₹2,181.5 crore. The surge is attributed to higher income and judicious provisioning. Notably, the net interest income (NII) reached ₹5,077 crore in Q2 FY24, reflecting an 18% YoY rise. The net interest margin (NIM), a key profitability indicator, maintained a robust 4.29%, showcasing the bank’s financial stability.

In terms of asset quality, the December quarter witnessed a positive shift. The gross bad loans stood at 1.93% of total advances, marking a marginal improvement from the preceding quarter. The net NPA ratio further improved, standing at 0.57%. These metrics affirm IndusInd Bank’s commitment to maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

Impressive Advancements: Net Advances and Growth

A crucial gauge of a bank’s vitality lies in its net advances. IndusInd Bank exhibited a formidable 20% growth in net advances for the December quarter, reaching ₹3,26,741 crore compared to ₹2,72,754 crore in Q3FY23. This robust advancement follows a solid performance in the preceding quarter, where net advances stood at ₹3,15,454 crore. The consistent upward trajectory signifies the bank’s resilience in a dynamic financial landscape.

Brokerage Insights: A Vote of Confidence

Motilal Oswal:

Motilal Oswal stands firmly in favor of IndusInd Bank, issuing a resounding ‘buy’ call with a target price of ₹1,900, signaling a promising 14% upside. The brokerage highlights IndusInd Bank’s consistent performance, projecting a 22% earnings CAGR over FY24-26. The bank’s well-managed vectors, including credit cost, margins, and operating expenses, set it apart from its peers. With a capitalization level of 16.3% CET-1, Motilal Oswal reaffirms IndusInd Bank as its preferred BUY in the sector.


Sharekhan echoes the sentiment, maintaining a ‘buy’ stance on IndusInd Bank with a target of ₹1,850, indicative of a potential 10% upside. The brokerage underscores the bank’s trajectory toward sustained earnings progression and the strengthening of its liability franchise. IndusInd Bank, according to Sharekhan, is poised to outpace the sector in terms of earnings growth, driven by stable margins, robust loan growth, and improved credit costs.

Emkay Global:

Emkay Global joins the chorus, endorsing a ‘buy’ rating and raising the target price to ₹2,000 from ₹1,825. This upward adjustment suggests an 18% potential upside. Emkay Global factors in the bank’s promising earnings/RoE trajectory and stable margins, differentiating it amid potential contractions in the industry.

Unraveling the Future

IndusInd Bank’s meteoric rise in the stock market is not just a flash in the pan; it’s a testament to the bank’s strategic acumen, financial prudence, and commitment to sustained growth. The endorsements from reputable brokerages further underscore the bank’s positive trajectory. As investors navigate the complex world of finance, IndusInd Bank stands tall, a beacon of stability and potential gains.

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