The Perfect Find Movie Total Runtime, Cast, and Release Date, Download and full details

The Perfect Find Movie Total Runtime, Cast, and Release Date, Download and full details

The Perfect Find is a 2023 American romantic comedy film that was written by Leigh Davenport and directed by Numa Perrier. It is based on Tia William’s book of the same name. Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Aisha Hinds, D. B. Woodside, La La Anthony, and Gina Torres appear in the movie.

The movie centers on Jenna (Union), a 40-year-old fashion editor who is attempting to revive her career following a high-profile termination and a public split. She accepts a position working for ruthless businessman Darcy (Torres) and soon begins to develop feelings for Eric (Powers), Darcy’s charming, much younger son. However, because they work together and Eric is also Jenna’s boss’s son, their connection is difficult.

Jenna must choose if she is prepared to jeopardize her reputation and job for the possibility of falling in love with Eric. The movie looks at issues like workplace romance, ageism, and second chances.

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Why is The Perfect Find Movie popular?

The Perfect Find film is relevant, has a well-known and brilliant cast, is a touching and accessible subject, and is well-made and visually appealing.

What is the run time of the ”The Perfect Find” Movie?

1h 39m

Where can I watch the ”The Perfect Find” Movie?

The Perfect Find is solely available on Netflix and is distributed by Netflix.

Trailer for The Perfect Find

The Perfect Find Movie Release Date?

The Perfect Find movie is slated for release via Netflix on June 23, 2023.

The Perfect Find Movie Details

Cast Gabrielle Union, Keith Powers, Gina Torres, Aisha Hinds, D.B. Woodside, Janet Hubert, Alani La La Anthony
DirectorNuma Perrier
WritersLeigh Davenport
GenresRomantic Comedies, Comedy Movies Romance, Movies Based on Books, US
This movie isFeel-Good, Romantic

The Perfect Find Movie Download

There is no option to download The Perfect Find Movie for free, to watch this movie you have to go to Netflix, this movie is distributed by Netflix, so you can watch The Perfect Find Movie on Netflix only.

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