Quotes from Love Magic: The Captivating Power of Love

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Any of these statements about love and partnership, regardless of how long you’ve been together or how recently you started dating, will be well received by him. To show him how much you care, print these Quotes from Love Magic on his favorite personalized gifts.

Quotes from Love Magic

love quotes 20 Love

She’s not the only girl in the world But
she is the only one that matters.

love quotes 19 Love

I hope we never regret loving each other
I hope we are destined to be together.

love quotes 18 Love

Even if I ask to go away, Don’t even dare to!

love quotes 17 Love

Just thinking and watching your photos make
me smile just imagine when we meet and hug.

love quotes 16 Love

Even if I spend the whole day with
you i miss you the moment you leave.

love quotes 15 Love

You’re something that I never expected in my life.
But by god’s grace, I’ve got you as someone who could never be replaced.

love quotes 14 Love

The most beautiful feeling is to have someone take care of you.
You feel special. You feel loved. You see that You matter.

love quotes 13 Love

Physical attraction are common but mental
and emotional connection is rare.♡♡

love quotes 12 Love

The way you make me feel is hard to explain.
You make me smile in a special kind of way.
You make me fall deeper in love everyday.♡♡

love quotes 11 Love

You still make me smile even if you’re the reason I’m sad.

love quotes 10 Love

This is all we need, a cup of coffee, a couple of smokes
and a little bit of conversation. You and me.♡♡

love quotes 9 Love

With right person forever actually means forever.

love quotes 8 Love

In this selfish and cruel world,
God gifted me a selfless human who listens to my stupid talks forever.

love quotes 7 Love

Always be with me,
because nothing feel better without you.

love quotes 6 Love

Even when I’m in no mood to
talk to anyone i find reasons to talk to you.

love quotes 5 Love

My heart has waited so long to
be loved by someone like you.

love quotes 4 Love

No one will take your place,
I will never allow anyone to take your place.

love quotes 3 Love

I’m trying to fall in love with you for the second time and
I’m beginning to realise you can only fall in love with a person once,
the second time just isn’t love, it’s a habit.

love quotes 2 Love

You just can’t give up on someone coz the situation is not
ideal Great relationships are not great because they have no problems,
They’re great because both people care enough about other person to find a way to make it work.♡♡

love quotes 1 Love

Let me hold you like you have never been
hold before Let me hold you till my last breath.

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