This Sprint M2 electric scooter will give you a great range of 90 km, you can get a special discount like this

Sprint M2 electric scooter

The Sprint M2, recently launched in the Indian electric scooter market, is gaining attention due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel worldwide, leading to increased demand for electric vehicles. India is considered a promising market for gadgets and automobiles.

Sprint M2 Range

The Sprint M2 is an all-electric scooter that promises a remarkable range for its users. The company claims that customers can expect a fantastic mileage of 90 kilometers on a single charge. This means that after charging it to 100%, users can cover a distance of up to 90 kilometers. Additionally, the top speed of the Sprint M2 is around 45 kilometers per hour, providing users with an impressive speed range.

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Charging Time and Price

Charging the Sprint M2 takes approximately 6 hours to reach a full charge. The electric scooter offers the convenience of a quick charging time, making it suitable for daily commuting needs. The price of the Sprint M2 is quite attractive, with the company pricing it at just 32,000 rupees. This competitive pricing makes it a budget-friendly option for those looking to switch to electric scooters.

The combination of a compelling range, reasonable charging time, and an affordable price tag positions the Sprint M2 as a popular choice in the electric scooter segment in India.

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