Honda is soon bringing an amazing electric bike to the Indian market, it will create a stir with advanced features.


Honda bikes have gained a special craze among the youth in our country, thanks to the efficient engines and excellent mileage they offer. Notably, Honda has recently made a significant shift in the automotive sector by entering the electric bike industry.

In India, the company has played a vital role in the automotive sector, earning the trust of people through its capabilities. The electric bike from Honda is expected to deliver impressive range and performance, providing riders with an enthusiastic experience. This bike is estimated to have a range of around 150 kilometers on a single charge.

As of now, the company hasn’t officially announced the name of this electric bike, but it is speculated to be named “Honda Lio Electric Bike.”

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Features of Honda Electric Bike

  • The bike incorporates brushless direct current motor technology, known for generating powerful output.
  • The motor boasts high efficiency, and the charging system is designed for quick charging.
  • The top speed of the Honda Electric Bike is 75 kilometers per hour.
  • Smart features include LED headlight, digital odometer, speedometer, LED tail light, tubeless tires, alloy wheels, and a USB port.

This fantastic electric bike from Honda is set to be introduced in the Indian market with three color options. In terms of pricing, this high-mileage and feature-rich electric bike will be available at an attractive price of just ₹78,500.

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