Buy Royal Enfield Classic 350 immediately for just Rs 45,000, mileage is so much loot

Royal Enfield Classic 350

In the bustling two-wheeler market of India, Royal Enfield’s Classic 350 continues to captivate the hearts and minds of motorcycle enthusiasts. If you’re contemplating a purchase and don’t have a bike yet, this might be the opportune moment for you. In the current scenario, where there is a growing demand for second-hand bikes, seizing such opportunities for savings is crucial.

The iconic Royal Enfield Classic 350, known for its commanding presence on the roads, is making waves. If you’re considering buying from the showroom, you would need to gather the full amount. The showroom prices for this bike range from INR 1.52 lakhs to nearly INR 2 lakhs.

However, if these prices stretch beyond your budget, worry not, because Royal Enfield Classic 350, a bike that can win anyone’s heart, is available in the second-hand market at more affordable prices.

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Showroom Prices for Royal Enfield Classic 350:

  • Starting from INR 1.52 lakhs
  • Going up to nearly INR 2 lakhs

In the current market, where second-hand bike demand is on the rise, opting for a well-maintained used Royal Enfield Classic 350 can be a smart financial move. Various websites across the country list second-hand variants of this bike, allowing you to find a good deal that aligns with your budget.

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Quick Tips for a Smart Purchase

Explore Second-hand Variants:

Websites like Quikr list the Royal Enfield Classic 350 in the second-hand market with prices starting at INR 45,000. This provides a great opportunity for cost savings.

Consider Mileage:

The mileage of the Classic 350 is noteworthy, offering around 35 km per liter. This makes it not only a stylish choice but also fuel-efficient for your daily commutes.

Evaluate the Condition:

Before making any purchase, ensure that you thoroughly evaluate the bike’s condition. Take it for a test ride and check for any signs of wear and tear.

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Financial Plan:

Since these transactions may not involve any financing plans, be prepared to pay the full amount upfront. This, however, presents an excellent opportunity for those who can afford to make a one-time payment.

Seize the moment, explore the second-hand market, and you might just find the Royal Enfield Classic 350 within your budget, ready to conquer the roads with its timeless appeal.

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